Justin   Chiwala is  a  religious  leader  from  Lusaka  Zambia,  born to Kendrick   Chiwala  (father)   &  Astrida   Muswamba Kalonjie(mother)  on the 22 of September 1983.

Justin   Chiwala   has  lived  a life of ministry  having being raised by his late grandfather who  was  the  founder  of  Tabernacle  of  Praise  Centre  Church.    He is married  to  Nelly Mbevya Chiwala with two beautiful children Astrida  &  Atalia  Chiwala. He is a charismatic leader strongly called  in  the  ministry  of  the word and deliverance, currently pastoring  at  City  of  Rest  international  Ministries  which  he founded in the year 2019 in Cape Town South Africa


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